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outages everywhere, live at all ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account
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and earn 75more than cards earning 1% cash back n on almost everything. >> a super storm o the epic proportions. >> a serious storm back and have consequences. >> from the shores of ocean city. to the hearts of our neighborhoods. and along the east coast. now it is only getting worse with he's passionate -- with each passing hour. >> is moving in a hurry. >> we bring you live storm watch coverage right now. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> a first at 11:00 tonight, destruction, power outages, the far from over. >> every corner of our region, forced a local family there out and seek shelter inside their truck. for all the problems that it has here, the storm is expected to cause more trouble jersey and new york. it is already taking a toll. this apartment building you see is off of the building the storm. that is on top of major flooding. on this comingre on thettl newscast. every corner of the region, the itself will look over night. every movement.
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>> what is happening around the now, southwest philadelphia pennsylvania, flood warnings and watch as all over the place. the highest wind of the season evening, they'll continue. what is happening around the region right now? >> it has been an epic storm, warning will be we go through the days, here is the storm. those are, unfortunately, are around because of the rainfall will continue and we the flood warning. it will be coming down thursday afternoon. tomorrow morning, everybody begins the recovery process, somewill still be seeing
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showers and wind, but it will be from the south. we will have the time line and go through this hour. >> we will get back to you in just a minute. that get to the problems sandy causing across the region. a closer look at the damage that the storm has caused. >> it has multiplied in the past hours, i canvassed maryland which the latest on the destruction. evening wore on and intensified, we heard of damageore reports the area. this is one of those real critical near misses. at this enormous 100 old tree.
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the owners said this is history, down.ated that it came it barely missed these homes here, came across cathedral barely hit one of these here, that is the only have out here as the wind continues to blow. the wind howls and the water surges. a terrifying force monday night into the d.c. region. over in our backyard hockey go a aall, it sounded like train coming. a huge tree fell. treesg more aging the home will topple. they pushed where they will take shelter. >> if i can help a neighbor, i
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will help them out. >> this behemoth storm surprised us anyway. in northwest washington, a tree came down, slicing off a portion of another. condemned house, at that time who -- >> we are fighting. >> they were direct hits and near misses. the home escaped severe damage by only inches. regardless of the impact. sandy certainly left indelible the washington d.c. region. i have a feeling that when comes, this kind of will seem minor in comparison. will see a lot more issues on region, some are estimating overall, the damage could
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be among the costliest storms in u.s. history. get to some of the problems sande is causing around area, particularly at ocean city. the boardwalk suffered extensive .amage let's check in now, the very latest. butt is still very windy, be as seem to frequent. seem to be as strong. for the first time in about 12 hours, i am not soaking wet. i want to show you some video of the things that went on today. waves were the big issue. you can see the big waves that were crashing out. problem asere a
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well. over the sea wall at boardwalk and were crashing in the businesses. you can see that basically, all city belown floodednth street was the block behind the boardwalk all the way over to the bay. they had a mandatory very serious storm. it does seem to be lessening and that is the very good news. i think you can probably see as back, a couple of young n that want to be on tv. the waves are really starting to settle down. the wind is coming from a different direction and the is starting to settle down. this storm is, by no means,
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over. things are beginning to settle down and from the sounds of what g onring, it is movin through the washington area. n, leading to extreme actio this concerns rising water and people.f >> steven is live in the huntington section of fairfax continue coverage. >> is miserable out here, the pounding us. the lights went out in this neighborhood. this is one of the streets where is forced to evacuate a while ago. houses, a word. >> the wind and rain and rising
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water, made for a frightening combination in the huntington neighborhood. time comes and goes, every it rains. >> behind a string, it jumped times in recent years. another flood prompted the officials to go > the way they are talking -- families packed up fast, some them startled by the sudden to higheret vehicles ground. >> i will give them a call to see what happens. ofit will still be dry, some r that the storm is going to inflict serious damage. >> i will lose a lot of stuff in
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our room. >> we will come up to the flood stage, still rising but it has posted a threat to any of the homes that were evacuated. at the powera look area-wide right now. more than 121,000 outages northern virginia at this hour. the situation in d.c. and quite as serious. more than 28,000 customers in the dark. 6800 -- in addition, most of the shut downl tomorrow, all major school systems will be closed. the federal government shut down, and it will remain closed in the morning. up, live int, --
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maryland and the district. >> and some snow blamed on the
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>> or watching abc 7 news at 11:00. 11:00 onbc 7 news at side. >> you might think things are seeing waistre deep water. area with the eye of the storm, we have been watching that throughout the day. let's get the latest from bob ryan that is standing by. what is the latest now? >> we are getting an awful lot of rain, the temperature into 40's and with 300,000 folks of the rain and wind, be a longely, it will night. for thees, closing in
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day, and the all-time october couplel only a hundredths. let me take you to this monster. you can see the effects of it now, in the atmosphere. unfortunately, the store now slowly drift towards e rest and finally lift up later on tomorrow. not only heavy rain and around thethe snow out of of west virginia. this is the area still under warnings and flood watches. we have some incredible rainfall totals for you. let's get right to it, any indication of what we are as the with as far the weather network now, they are impressive. rainfall totals closing on 9
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inches. inches,d a half, 7.22 story. the it is not finished. theile an hour gusts across bay bridge. 67 miles an hour gusts. and now the storm continues to make it work. the wind is going to play a key role. >> as you saw, all of those of 10 inchesnts winds,0 mile an hour that we will be likely seeing a lot more power outages. the regional doppler, we can see yellow around us. the rain is continuing to pour into new york city. that is a record surge, record levels of water. in the mountains of west
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where the snow continues. going to the next 24 hours, we have a strong northwesterly wind. it drifts to the north tomorrow, the wind becomes south and southwest. around the bay, it will be strong southerly wind coming in. that is the reason there could be some flooding tomorrow and the next day. the wind will eventually not before we get evening. tomorrow the sunshine ahead as we begin the recovery process. will behes of rain, it around theing potomac. areill be 7 feet above, we with this by longshot. there are still trees coming down tonight.
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>> we are following some to us fromws coming now where a tree down in prince george's damaging as many as nine cars. >> we have the latest in that situation, all of the other problems. >> this storm has been wreaking havoc all over the area. the south you apartments, look what happened. this tree came down and landed of cars out that way a lot of damage. the lady that owns one of she went outside and came out to this. she is nervous about getting insurance money, that sort of thing. she is not having a very good f that storm right here. we have been in different parts maryland, cataloguing what has happened.
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>> as it ripped through county, it tore down that went through that side of the park. >> we heard a huge noise. >> you can see the pots and pans the cabins were the wall was torn off. >> de definitely could have hurt someone. >> it has been a night fit for man, nor beast. one of the few brave souls is fortunate. tens of thousands of others have power including in the silver spring neighborhood. fischer decided to move his out the second the power went out. >> she is 91 and frail. >> the bad weather can bring out best in people. neighbors and fire fighters can instantly.
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>> to this right here should big thisa sense of how .ree was that came down here if there is any good news, conditions have been improving last half an hour or 45 minutes. there are still wind gusts, but as earlier in the evening. >> dramatic stuff out there. we are tracking problems outside the metro area. >> and we will take a look at f the worst areas nationwide. f the worst areas nati[ minto ] you know, those ads saying mitt romney
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we endure the wrath of sandy and areas to the north are a delusion of flooding and damage. it is causing big problems for everyone involved. >> pamela brown is monitoring rain, the wind, and the snow. >> the damage is widespread. an estimated 50 million people are getting a strong wind and snow in some areas. >> it collides with an early winter storm. a little bit of everything up the east coast. from choppy waves at punishing
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wind, it will eventually rein in connecticut, new jersey, new york. andhis is a serious storm have fataltentially consequences if people had not acted quickly. >> evacuation is no longer possible. this has become particularly problematic in atlantic city. >> grand central station empty. buildingcity, the collapsed leaving the apartment exposed. look at this dangling in the wind. this 260 miles above shows the sizescope of the massive magnitude. madee first half -- path today.
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>> record storm surge expected stop -- expected to top 13 ft. bethere is nothing at all to taken lightly. >> and the new york stock d for theare close day in a row. 1.5 million customers thanks to storm sandy. thank you, pamela. up, monitoring the situation in montgomery county. >> of the problems at damage extra half hour of coverage. but first, we will
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area. the not finished yet. 53 in manassas, it is late at night, it is dark and you cannot is out there, but i think we are in for a rude awakening at daylight tomorrow of theseee the effects high winds. >> the right here for extended coverage of hurricane sandy. >> we are tracking a change in forecast, plus all the d with thessociate storm. don't go anywhere. storm. don't go anywhere. our special storm watch well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actual, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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